Attractions in Nuwara-Eliya

Attractions in Nuwara Eliya

Owing to its cooling climatic patterns that help bear lush vegetation and various species of fauna (these also include species which are endemic to Sri Lanka), there’s no doubt as to why early British governors would’ve concluded Nuwara Eliya as their settlement of choice during the 19th century!

Also fondly known as ‘Little England’, this Central Highland township bears home to the country’s most prized tea plantations which are renowned for its superior quality produce the world over. With nature at its most abundant, one is never short of sightseeing and other activities to do over here.

Some helpful facts about Nuwara Eliya:

  • Altitude: 1868m above sea level
  • Average Temperature: 16°C
  • Average Precipitation: 1905mm
  • Distance from Colombo: approximately 170km (6 to 7 hours by rail or road)

Out of a myriad of places to visit in Nuwara Eliya, here are some key spots of interest that are adored by all travellers, both young and old alike:

The Pedro Tea Factory

Built in 1885 along the property of the mainland Pedro Tea Plantations, this tea factory still produces tea of world class standards, with numerous machineries from the 19th century [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] still present and very much in use. Located east of Nuwara Eliya, a tuk-tuk ride or any bus that’s headed for Ragalla can take you here for a guided tour, which usually takes about 30 minutes.[/read]

Hakgala Botanical Gardens

Originally built for the cultivation of Cinchona in 1861 (a tree which produces Quinine – a compound that contains medicinal properties), this garden was then [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

turned into a botanical one in 1884. Famous for its variety of orchids and roses, all flowers that are known to thrive in the typical English cottage garden are found blooming here at the Hakgala Gardens.

To get here, take the Nuwara Eliya – Badulla main road; any tuk-tuk should be able to conveniently give you a ride.[/read]

Horton Plains National Park

Considered as a National Park since 1988, Horton Plains National Park overlooks the peaks of the second and third highest mountain peaks in Sri Lanka – Kirigalpoththa and Thotupola Kanda. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Consisting mainly of Montane grassland and forest, this natural haven is sanctuary to the Sri Lankan Leopard, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl and Sambar Deer, among numerous other species – some of which are endemic to the country as well as the Horton Plains region itself.

If you’re in the mood for a long hike, this National Park is the perfect locale to partake in one, and in due course obtaining a panoramic view of the mountain peaks and its surrounding vegetation is fascinating enough once you reach World’s End – a sheer precipice that consists of a plunging 870m drop along the Southern end of the Park.[/read]

Waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya

With over 400 known waterfalls recorded in the entire nation, the Nuwara Eliya District alone pays homage to a whopping 80+ cascades within its speculated region. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Out of all these, the most popular ones are listed here (some also have intriguing folklore surrounding them!):

  • Aberdeen Falls – located along the Kehelgamu Oya near Ginigathhena, and named after the Scottish city of Aberdeen
  • Baker’s Falls – located at the Horton Plains National Park, and named after Sir Samuel Baker, a British explorer who discovered this waterfall in 1845
  • Devon Falls – named after a British coffee planter, and located along the Kotmale Oya
  • Lover’s Leap Falls – situated in Hawa Eliya, and cascading from Pidurutalagala, Sri Lanka’s highest mountain peak
  • St. Clair’s Falls – situated in Talawakele, and also known as the ‘Little Niagara of Sri Lanka’ as it is one of the widest waterfalls in the island.


The Nuwara Eliya Golf Club (NEGC)

Located at the base of the Pidurutalagala mountain range, The NEGC is a premier golf course not only in Sri Lanka, but probably in all of Asia ever since its inception during the late 19th century.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Comprising of 18 golf holes and long, narrow fairways, any golfer be it novice or veteran is bound to experience his/her share of surprises owing to the waterways and vegetation that are found within this particular golf course.

The clubhouse is a prime spot for unwinding with a drink or two, along with meals after a long game. For those who are also on the lookout for the ideal spot to have a gathering with friends or a rendezvous with a special one, this is definitely the place to be in all of Nuwara Eliya.