From the enchantment of old-time British colonial charm to modern entertainment systems in-house, experience a holiday that’s delightfully lavish and away from cityscape distractions!

Made to an enamoured aspiration for portraying peaceful village suburbia in England, this Little England Cottage features an authentic colonial appeal aesthetically, while adhering to recreational facilities that are of latest standards for the 21st century traveller.

As the impeccably pruned Pedro Tea Estate creates a panoramic view along the skyline, the all-inclusive Entertainment Chamber here in this villa has a fully fledged Home Theatre System waiting for you! Or if you’re in the mood for something that’s rejuvenating, why not take a dip in the hot tub with scented candles around for the ultimate in aromatherapy?

Amidst fancifully furnished interiors as well as assistance that’s available round-the-clock, feel free to expect the very best in times – with one too many memories that are assured to be created in due course of your stay here!